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Shared memories and art help a family reclaim the spirit of a child lost in the Holocaust, reaffirming that no matter what happens in life there must always be room for joy.

Finding Kalman won Best Short Documentary at the Louisville International Festival of Film in October 2011. It won a CINE Golden Eagle as Best Short Documentary in June 2011 and a CINE Special Jury Prize in 2012.

You can own the DVD along with extras and the beautiful companion book written by Roz Jacobs and her mother Anna Huberman Jacobs.

This book is beautifully done. Beautiful layout, wonderful work on Roz’s mother, and the art work is special. Roz mother’s voice humanizes an aspect of the Holocaust that is infrequently visited: the simple humility of the Jewish people, the kindness and tenderness of Jewish family life, the redemption from the savage brutality that the Holocaust represents. I left the book with the feeling that this kind of brutalization must never happen again, and that I must do better to raise my voice against it right now, as it is happening someplace, on some level, in this world. I was inspired.

James McBride, author of The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother




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