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Student Responses

“After all she has witnessed, all she has suffered she is able to find happiness in life. Whatever she drinks or eats every morning I need some of that because she has just become my new role model in life.”
I. Gonzales

“I am hopeful because she is hopeful.”
A. Noveihed

“…I also liked that there was no hate in their voices…This reflects the love and happiness they seem to feel for life.”
S. Gallo

“The paintings were so beautiful. What I liked about it was the emotion was expressed through the different colors and brush strokes. The music from the violin made me feel more aware, and opened up my emotions more…”
A. Friedman

“I never thought of art as a way to depict one person’s story while at the same time telling the history of a people.”
M. Ken

“Everyone has a history and it’s important to not judge anyone because you don’t know the things they’ve been through…”
D. Tran

“I will always remember this project because it helped a little in my grieving process for my grandma who just passed away two weeks ago. I was able to think about the wonderful memories I had with her because I loved her so much.”
A. Canfield

“I have never considered myself an artist or one that is interested in at. But after this project I realize the emotion behind art.”
E. Baccaglini

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