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DVD art for Finding Kalman Finding Kalman: The Movie

Finding Kalman, the award-winning documentary is available for purchase. The DVD includes:

        • Finding Kalman (including versions with Spanish subtitles and English subtitles)
        • The Memory Project (10-minute video suitable for all ages)
        • Painting with Light and Shade (8-minute art lesson taught by Roz Jacobs)

Finding Kalman is as poignant a movie as it is charming. Four generations recall the past and create in the wake of that past.
It is about loss and renewal, creativity and memory –all the elements of life.
It is a work of both simplicity and power.

                     -Michael Berenbaum, Professor of Jewish Studies and Director of the Zigi Bering Institute at the American Jewish University

For individual use:     $30 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
For schools, museums or other institutions to use for group screenings:     $75 + $5.00 shipping and handling
  (Includes a copy of educator’s guide, The Memory Project: Connecting Art and History)

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All proceeds go to support The Memory Project Productions educational activities.

 Universities, please purchase from Filmaker’s Library(Use code FKW)

Individual or Institution


Finding Kalman: A Boy in Six Million (The Book)

by Roz Jacobs and Anna Huberman Jacobs
“I felt like my feet were burning,” Anna Huberman Jacobs says, describing the day in 1945 that she went back to her home in Poland. Anna had survived life in the Warsaw ghetto, imprisonment at a Nazi labor camp and near starvation in post-Liberation Poland. On returning home, Anna learned that she was the sole survivor of her family. It was the worst day of her life. For Anna, finding Kalman that day meant leaving Wloclawek with a photograph of her brother that a neighbor’s child had pulled from the garbage. It was the only remainder of her family’s personal belongings.
Years later, the image of Kalman captured the imagination of Anna’s daughter Roz, an artistic child who wanted to know every detail of the story that her mother was clearly not completely sharing with her.
Finding Kalman: A Boy In Six Million weaves Anna’s story of escape and survival with Roz’s desire to have a purposeful life, to answer destruction through the act of creating. Kalman’s voice, though silenced, remains loud in the lives of both mother and daughter in this story of memory, self-discovery and creation.

View excerpts or purchase a book. $19.99 plus shipping

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