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For Educators

Finding Kalman is a catalyst for thinking about the impact of the Holocaust on individuals, the potency of the creative process and the possibilities and value of communication across generations and cultures. It’s appropriate for middle school and up and works especially well in high school history programs and community settings.

Moving stories and artwork by students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in New York City:

Many materials are available for free download including

  • The Memory Project: a 10-minute video
  • Connecting Art and History:  a full-color Educator’s Guide
  • Painting with Light and Shade: a 7-minute art lesson, especially appropriate for people who say they can’t draw.

Finding Kalman the documentary and the book are available for purchase.

Details and links to download free materials: Click on the link “For Educators.” Search for The Memory Project. Here you can share ideas with colleagues who are using the materials.

Educator’s Guide (Download)

Educator's Guide (working)



I like how art can be used to express the emotions and mindset of past events that we can only read about in textbooks and not truly experience ourselves.

Isabella C., 10th grade, New York, NY

It enlivened the curriculum and enabled our students to connect their family history with that of the overall curriculum, empowering them to see their connections to important historical events.

Dimitri Saliani, Principal
Eleanor Roosevelt HS, New York, NY

I really, truly enjoyed this project. I also loved hearing about my classmate’s experiences. It has taught me not to assume I know everything about someone.

Tonya K., 10th grade, New York, NY

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